Tuesday, July 17, 2007


(with correction re-edited March 30, 2009)

Aloe vera


Eritrean Flora said...

I am glad to people who have a similar interest and hobbies like what i did. I look forward to hearing from you and share a lot among to formulate the floral checklist of abyssinia.

Pleased to meet you!!

Eritreanflora is my blog name.

Pepsis said...

Looks like an aloe to me.

Eritrean Flora said...

Yeah! Pepsis, I agree with you. Mrs. gardending woman! isn't that an Aloe plant? It doesn't look like an Agave plant.

Thank you

Morgane said...

Yes, I think it's aloe macrocarpa
(or aloe pulcherrima).

Morgane said...

Yes, I thonk it's Aloe macrocarpa (or aloe pulcherrima but it's rare).